About AstroLinked®

AstroLinked has been created to demystify Astrology, which is widely regarded as a mystical science. We hope to simplify a complicated science that the novice can learn from and the expert can enjoy. Astrology can be fun. Bringing together coincidences, the seemingly unreal connections and the sequence of events of one's life on this site and the associated apps will surprise the believer and the skeptic alike. And fully equip them to make predictions on their own! Not only that, linking with others on the basis of planets, the planetary time periods or dashas, the personality traits and hobbies will bring to the fore the reasons for the commonality or otherwise between people. A unique forum, the only one of its kind in the world, for interacting on the basis of astrological details has been created. As a tribute to the sages who devised such an intricate, accurate and stunning system of predictions, the shackles of the negative image that this pure science carries are all set to be broken.

The Team

This site and the associated apps were conceptualized by a software engineer who was always intrigued by the coincidences and the connections between seemingly disparate people and events. A corporate veteran who has seen it all, done it all in the commercial arena and held a background interest in Astrology all along. After years of being at the helm of an IT firm, he wanted to do more than what the average Joe does. And so AstroLinked was born! He has been ably supported with creative inputs and criticism from a Computer Engineer and IT professional from the US. The design aspects of the site and the apps have been taken care of by an interaction design enthusiast with more designing accolades than we'd bother to count. Further, intellectuals, open minded scholars and specialists have worked to bring out what is destined to be the future of astrology itself - AstroLinked.

We heartily welcome you to our world and hope that it becomes your world too!